Food Safety

Northeast Fresh products are conscientiously cultivated on farms exclusively in the U.S. From the field to the fork, we follow a series of meticulous procedures to safeguard our products and ensure their wholesomeness. Our best business practices include:

Cold Water WashedIn keeping with our consistent temperature regulation, we have developed a Cold Water Wash process that is one of the most effective in the industry. It rids products of naturally occurring yet undesired matter.

HACCPNortheast Fresh produce is packaged in our state of the art facilities under the strictest HACCP guidelines and industry standards. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a methodical approach in assessing and controlling food safety hazards. Third party food industry auditors recognize this system as the most effective and efficient way to ensure that food products are safe.

Using HACCP, we scientifically analyze our preparation methods, identifying critical control points and establishing critical limits and monitoring procedures. This dynamic process includes continuous recording and documentation promoting problem solving and prevention. Instead of relying solely on periodic facility inspections, we adopt managerial practices to minimize and eliminate hazards. Preventive rather than corrective action is the key to the success of our program.

Our manufacturing practices address employee cleanliness, dress and personal hygiene. Employee traffic through the food processing areas is kept to an absolute minimum. In our processing environment, all equipment and utensils, are maintained and sanitized regularly. Every reasonable measure is taken to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of the food processed at our facilities.